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Snooks Cafe and Pub is a place where the quality time is the most valuable thing that we have to provide. Located in a vibrant and friendly environment, we offer a range of services to complement your stay. Savor the live music performances that set the mood for the evening or groove to the music on our DJ nights that will have you on the dance floor all night.

We have a friendly atmosphere that makes it ideal for social events such as hanging out with friends, birthdays, or even after work relaxation. At Snooks, we boast of our food menu that is a blend of different tastes and delicious meals that are prepared to meet the highest standards. Accompany your meal with a choice of beverages that include cocktails, wines, and beers.

From the moment you enter Snooks Cafe and Pub, every aspect is aimed at giving you the time of your life. Come and enjoy the best of music, good food and a friendly environment.

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Snooks Cafe and Pub

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