Rule Breaker Boyz


Rule Breaker Boyz, starring Alan Jung Thapa and Ashish Ghimire, is a new generation comedy group that brings a fresh perspective to the stand-up comedy show. Alan Jung Thapa, who has a unique style of comedy and wit, presents the audience with simple events of life and makes them look like comedies.

Ashish Ghimire is also funny as a person, but his humor is different from Alan’s; he makes observations and comments on society and culture. Combined, they make a funny duo that is entertaining and provoking at the same time, which makes the viewers laugh and think at the same time.

The Rule Breaker Boyz are not only performers but rather they are the narrators who tell the stories that are familiar but unconventional and provocative at the same time. Whether they are making fun of the contemporary society or mimicking their own lives, both Alan and Ashish give performances that are as witty as they are hilarious.

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