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Worldwide promotion and preservation of indigenous and traditional crafts from Nepal. Professional Sarangi instruments and mementoes made by hand.
A Nepalese ethnic group known as the Gandarvas were once nomadic entertainers who performed and amused. The Sarangi, a four-stringed instrument played upright and with a bow, is one of their most valued possessions. A single piece of wood is used to make the sarangi, which is then hollowed down at the base and coated with leather. The instrument's sound has a deep, oriental undertone that is reminiscent of the human voice.
It still plays a key part in Nepalese folk music today. The tradition is gradually vanishing and the instrument itself threatens extinction as a result of globalisation and the commercialisation of music and entertainment. Project Sarangi is dedicated to maintaining and advancing the Sarangi living art via well-made creations.


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