Cobweb, originating from the vibrant streets of Patan, Nepal, emerged onto the music scene in 1993, a group of school friends fueled by a shared passion for rock. Despite initial resistance to their unconventional style in Nepalese society, characterized by long hair and earrings, the band persisted, releasing their debut album "Anjaan." While the debut didn't make waves, Cobweb's sophomore self-titled album struck a chord, particularly with anthems like "Maryo ni Maryo," heralding a new era for Nepalese rock.

Drawing inspiration from Western heavy metal icons like Metallica and Iron Maiden, Cobweb fused their musical prowess with a promotion strategy reminiscent of traditional Nepali music, earning them a devoted fanbase. Over the years, they've ventured beyond rock, dabbling in genres like Reggae and Funk, showcasing their versatility as recording artists. Their discography, including albums like "Rolling String" and "Astitva," has consistently resonated with audiences, often ranking among the top sellers in Nepali music.

With a global fanbase and a penchant for electrifying performances, Cobweb has cemented their status as pioneers of Nepali rock, leaving an indelible mark on the nation's music scene. From national stages to international arenas, their journey has been one of relentless dedication, sharing stages with musicians from around the world and leaving audiences captivated wherever they go.

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