Bibhu, who goes by the stage name Bizen, is a new Nepali rapper who has been making a name for himself in the hip-hop community with his unique flow and strong messages. Born and raised in the culturally rich country of Nepal, Bizen infuses his music with his cultural background while rapping over contemporary hip hop instrumentals. Bizen is famous for his passion and wit and has been able to deliver his stories in a very energetic manner. His songs are usually inspired by his life and what he goes through in life, which makes his music appealing to those who love raw and real music. As Bizen, Bibhu does not cease to challenge the listener with his music while at the same time providing them with tracks that are both intellectually stimulating and musically appealing. As the fan base increases and Bizen establishes itself in the industry, it is set to leave a mark on the rap scene in Nepal and internationally.

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