Bipul Chettri


From Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Bipul is a singer-songwriter based in New Delhi. His music is reminiscent of tunes and melodies long forgotten in the passage of time and draws influence from the traditional sounds of the Himalayas. In the beginning of 2013, a song took off like wildfire online. Its name, "Wildfire/Dadhelo," is not surprising. The EP "Sketches of Darjeeling," which was published in July 2014, was built on the feedback from listeners and the speed at which the song became a staple on everyone's playlist. ​ The album, which was recorded between 2013 and 2014, is a compilation of songs that were influenced by life in and around the hills of Darjeeling, a small town located at the base of the Eastern Himalayas. The melodies, which harmoniously combine Nepali folk music with modern western musical components, have the unusual ability to speak to the pahari heart and take the listener back to the place where the songs were formed.