Bhrikutimandap Exhibition hall

Venue for 4 events


A hub for commerce and innovation in Nepal's capital, the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall stands tall in Kathmandu. Renowned as the premier venue for exhibitions and events, it attracts businesses and visitors seeking a dynamic platform for interaction and exchange.

This versatile space caters to a multitude of events. From large-scale trade fairs showcasing the latest advancements in various industries like electronics, food, and construction, to product launches and consumer exhibitions brimming with the newest offerings, Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall pulsates with the energy of commerce. Educational programs and training sessions also find a home within its walls, fostering knowledge sharing and professional development.

The exhibition hall boasts modern amenities to ensure a seamless event experience. Attendees can expect spacious exhibition areas ideal for showcasing products and services. Conference rooms facilitate focused meetings and presentations, while open spaces provide the perfect setting for product demonstrations or grand displays. Additionally, vendor areas offering refreshments are often available, depending on the specific event.

Planning an event or attending one in Kathmandu? The Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall is a must-consider. Its central location, modern facilities, and reputation for hosting successful events make it a prime destination for businesses and individuals seeking to connect, showcase, and learn. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, or inquire about hosting your own gathering at this vibrant hub in the heart of Nepal.

Pradarshani Marg , Kathmandu, 44600 Bagmati Province