Aayush Shrestha


Aayush Shrestha is a Nepali boy living in Kathmandu who has multifaceted personalities. In addition to his stand-up comedy, he has an engineering background in computers that highlights a wide range of his knowledge and hobbies. He is one of those people with a creative mindset, which is not limited to the stage only. He is also a writer and a YouTuber, which shows that he can entertain and engage people across different mediums.

Having been into the stand-up comedy scene for more than four years, Aayush is sure to have mastered his art, entertaining the audiences with his wit and humor. His devotion to the craft is even more intensified by his position as one of the co-founders of Comedy Tuk Tuk, a stand-up comedy group. The platform is his medium to work with other comedians and bring laughter and joy to the audience, thus making him a prominent personality in Nepal's comedy industry.

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