1974 AD


1974 AD is a renowned Nepali rock band formed in Kathmandu in the early 1990s. Their music spans various genres, including Nepali folk, rock, funk, blues, and jazz. They are one of Nepal's most successful recording artists, with many of their albums ranking among the top ten best-selling albums in the country. The band gained significant popularity with their concert "Rock Yatra" in 2000, which attracted over 60,000 attendees, marking the largest concert attendance in Nepal at the time.

The band's lyrics often touch on themes of patriotism, Nepali virtues, unity, love, and nationalism. Known for their diverse musical style, they have produced hits such as "Nepali," "Sambodhan," "Pahilo Junima," "Parelima," "Samjhi Baschu," and "Chudaina Timro Mayale," among others. Their song "Nepali Ho" from the album "Satabdi" is hailed as one of the most patriotic commercial songs in Nepal.

Formed by a group of teachers from Gyanodaya School in Lalitpur, the band initially experimented with genres like hard rock, heavy metal, and blues. Over the years, they evolved their sound and lineup, with members like Adrian Pradhan and Sanjay Shrestha joining the band. Their debut album "Time Out" featured the hit single "Mayalule," solidifying their status as a household name in Nepali music.

Despite lineup changes over the years, including the departure of founding member Phiroj Shyangden, 1974 AD continued to release successful albums such as "Samjhi Baschu," "Satabdi," "Jungi Nishan," "Pinjada Ko Suga," and "On Air." Their contributions to Nepali music have earned them a dedicated fan base, and they remain influential figures in the country's music scene.

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