Shabdakosh Crash Course on Calligraphy

Shabdakosh Crash Course on Calligraphy

Organized By Tumbahalaya
Starting From Sat, Aug 06, 01:45 pm
Calligraphy is a magnificent form of art for letters that have reached new heights. Calligraphy is popular and appealing in the present period. It is the purest type of handicraft that has a beneficial influence on our brain stimulation and our daily lives.

Calligraphy is not as difficult as first-timers believe. Your calligraphy talents will improve through time, just like any other ability. The best approach to becoming an expert is to take a crash course taught by professionals.

Tumbahalaya is collaborating with the best Calligraphy Artist / Designer: Ratan A. Karna to bring a revolution crash course on Calligraphy, starting on 6th August (the first week of August 2022) and continuing for 4 days. The pricing starts from Rs. 1500. This is one of the best crash courses on Calligraphy in Nepal. It promises to boost your creative thinking and confidence in what you do. The event will be happening in Tumbahal, Lalitpur.

Register the course through the provided link below as soon as possible as there are few seats this season.

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Tunthi Marg 12 Tumbahal, Lalitpur, 44700 Bagmati Province

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