Rockheads Musical Night

Rockheads Musical Night

Organized By TFTH Entertainment
Starting From 10 May 08:00am onwards
Welcome to the ultimate celebration of rock music, brought to you by TFTH Entertainment Presents: Welcome to the Rock Heads Music Festival! Be prepared to lose yourself in a night of unstoppable performances, throbbing beats, and everlasting memories, all under the romantic setting of Pokhara's green hills.

We will be kicking off the night with an electrifying performance by TFTH Entertainment which will feature The Wave Band and The Dreamerz Band as our energetic opening acts. The bands are packed with their catchy tunes and energy, and they are going to make the night truly epic.
Make sure you don't miss our rocking party on the 10th of May, which will start from 8 PM onwards at the famous Rolling Stones Rock Bar. Located in the midst of the natural beauty of Pokhara, the legendary venue is a perfect place to celebrate a rock music festival and let every note fill your soul and every beat stir your spirit.

Get ready for the rapture of the incendiary performances of both The Wave Band and The Dreamerz Band, which will unleash a torrent of sounds, and take you on a unique musical journey that you have never experienced before. From the tempo-raising anthems to melody-filled ballads, their wide-range of songs are sure to have something everyone will love.

So gather your friends, don your favorite band t-shirts, and join us for an unforgettable night under the stars at TFTH Entertainment Presents: A rock-themed music festival named Rock Heads Music Festival. It is a musical party, a communal bonding and a show of resilience of the rock 'n' roll spirit that you will not want to miss!

Ticket Prices

Second Phase Ticket: Rs. 1,000

VIP Ticket: Rs. 1,500

Lakeside Road , Pokhara, 33700 Gandaki Province

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