Purna Rai – Yabesh – Vek – Bizen – JPT Rockerz: Live in the UK

Purna Rai – Yabesh – Vek – Bizen – JPT Rockerz: Live in the UK

Organized By Halka Events
Starting From 27 September 12:00pm onwards
Prepare yourself for an electric night of music as Purna Rai, Yabesh, Vek, Bizen, and JPT Rockerz are coming live to the UK! Empire Hall in Horley will be filled with the music of some of the most energetic and gifted performers in the business on September 27th. This is not just a concert but an event that you should not afford to miss out on.

Purna Rai will sing the soulful melodies, Yabesh will impress with his lyrics, Vek will perform the beats, Bizen will perform the powerful rap and JPT Rockerz will perform the rock and roll. Altogether, they are expected to deliver a night of music that will be felt by the fans even after the last chord is strummed.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Nepali music or you are looking for the best concerts to attend, this is one event you should not miss. It is the right place for anyone who is searching for events in Nepal, events happening nearby, or simply a great musical show.

Come to Empire Hall, Horley, and be a part of the show that is all about music, culture, and fun. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these great artists perform and bring the house down!

Venue At

Empire Hall

Voctoria , Horley,

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