Orbit Engineering Expo - 2022

Orbit Engineering Expo - 2022

Organized By Engineers Vlogs
You may exhibit your ideas at Orbit Expo and make new contacts, win interesting prizes, and find investment opportunities. As you network with hundreds of other attendees and learn from the top engineers and IT experts, you'll also get to see the newest projects and ideas. Prepare for a few thrilling contests. sees several Nepalese cultures at one location. Be sure not to miss out on the fun and learning opportunities!

Why should I take part?
1. Greatest exposure to the engineering and IT industries; 
2. Opportunities for investment
3. Taking the initiative and being creative
4. Generous monetary awards
5. Robotic actions
6. International cooperation
7. Engineers Night is free to attend:
a musical performance
8. Thousands of booths, tests, fun activities, and much more

Orbit Engineering Expo - 2022

Prepare for a number of thrilling contests and observe several Nepalese worlds at one location. Be sure not to miss out on the fun and learning! For more information, visit Engineer Vlog Website

Ticket Prices

Project Demonstration Stall: Rs. 2,000

Kalanki , Kathmandu, 44600 Bagmati Province

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