Most Awaited TV Program Nepal Spell Bee Season 5 Happening

Most Awaited TV Program Nepal Spell Bee Season 5 Happening

Organized By Nepal Spell Bee
Nepal Spell Bee Season 5 will be airing on Nepal Television. The Spell Bee Contest is Nepal's greatest spelling competition, designed to test our spellers' abilities and reveal the spelling champions within each of them. The spell masters for the Malin Media and Events spelling bee will be media personality Bhusan Dahal and actor Sanjay Gupta. The presentation, which will focus on spelling, pronunciation, and word construction activities, will be aimed at kids in grades nine, ten, and plus two that will aid the necessary aspect of progress.

The tournament consisted of three rounds. The first round of MYP was a multiple-choice phase in which players had to spell the words. The moderator introduces a word in the PYP for which numerous responses are given on the slide. The participant was asked to respond in the Pronounce Spell Pronounce (PSP) format within 15 seconds and was granted 10 points if the spelling was correct.

Nepal Spell Bee strives to provide an atmosphere in which educators and academics with direct engagement may showcase their creativity and expertise for the benefit of everybody. We are driven to produce this programme after receiving enormous support and faith from the audience in past initiatives. We guarantee a worldwide quality spelling contest.
Nepal Spell Bee also intends to grant scholarships to eligible students while simultaneously giving them social recognition. This presentation will benefit not only the participants but also the non-participants since it will help them obtain information and increase their mind-power. In this fast-paced, competitive environment, they assist students in standing out from the throng.

Season 5 of Nepal Spell Bee, Nepal's Largest Spelling Contest, is now open for registration!!!
To register, scan the QR code or register via https://chats.viber.com/spellbee and take the Nepal Spell Bee Viber Chatbot exam to qualify for the Nepal Spell Bee Season 5 ground audition.

Most Awaited TV Program Nepal Spell Bee Season 5 Happening

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