Monsoon Music Festival - 2022

Monsoon Music Festival - 2022

Organized By Nepa Events
Starting From 19 August 07:00pm onwards
Are you excited about the Monsoon Music Festival presented by Nepa Events? This is the ultimate chance to catch favourite songs performed by your favourite band. The festival will have full of exciting bands performing live to the fans and audiences in the treasured venues.

Roselyn & Razz

Come and celebrate the beginning of the Monsoon Music Festival with your favourite songs by Roselyn & Razz while relaxing in a beautiful place in The Old Alley. This event will be an unforgettable night you'll want to share with your friends and loved ones. Join the event for this momentous event performing at the venue on Friday, August 19th, 2022.

Roselyn & Razz

Abhaya & The Steam Engines

Looking for a great gig to enjoy with your pals? Looking for something fresh and original? Abhaya & The Steam Engines will be performing live at Moksh, Lalitpur. They have been performing live in Nepal since the early 2000s and are known for their live performances, which are very popular among music lovers. This is the second event of the Monsoon Music Festival at Moksh starting with the famous band! You can buy tickets online using the TicketSansar app.

The Element Band

One of the trending bands of Nepal, The Element Band is going to perform live at La Plaza, Lalitpur. The event will be starting from 7 pm onwards. This is the third event of the Monsoon Music Festival. The band has gained popularity in just a short period and they have already performed at different places around the globe. They are known for their unique style and fusion music which makes them stand out from others. They have been working hard to promote Nepali music around the world through their performances and workshops. The band members are Ishan R Onta, Dipesh Gurung and Raunaq Adhikari. These guys always try to bring something new in every performance they do and this time it’s no different as well. They will be playing some Nepali songs as well as some English songs which will be loved by everyone present there.

The Element Band Nepal

So make sure to come with your friends and family members to enjoy this amazing performance by The Element Band in La Plaza!

Rachana Dahal

Rachana Dahal has been an inspiration to many youths and artists because of her natural lyrics and voice. She will be performing at Dhokaima Cafe, one of the best cafes in Lalitpur. The ambience will be beautiful with her singing. The event will be started at 7 pm on September 9th, 2022. So mark your calendar and bring all your family and friends to enjoy the lovely evening.

A venue is a perfect place for any artists to perform songs, do karaoke and much more. As it is one of the best cafes located in Lalitpur's cultural cafes that offers both indoor and outdoor seating options to its patrons, which is also known for its ambience and surrounding. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, which helps you stream live music from your mobile phone or laptop via their Wi-Fi service provider without any interruptions in streaming quality. There are many upcoming events that you can attend but this one is special because it has a rare chance of seeing such an artist perform live in front of you!

Anuprastha Band

One of the grand events of the Monsoon Music Festival is cherished by the Anuprastha band. They will be concluding the up-and-running Music Festival on Friday, September 16th, 2022. The grand event will be held in Ai-La Lounge, one of the best atmospheric restaurants and bars in Lalitpur.

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The event is sponsored by the most popular vodka in Nepal, Ruslan. Ruslan Vodka will upscale your experience at this monsoon music festival.

It is an event that will never be forgotten. All the events are managed by Nepa Event. The artists are managed by Garage Entertainment. They are renowned for handling the entire process of music creation, production and marketing. The company has been working with several artists from different genres, including hip-hop and pop music.

The company has a strong track record of developing artists from the ground up and taking them to the next level. They work with artists to develop their sound, create hit songs and plan out marketing campaigns. Garage Entertainment is one of the best independent music management companies.

The events will be accompanied by Live Works as the sound partner. They will be beautifying this event with an international-level sound system and can share their expertise to help you make the best music experience possible.

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