Lalitpur Carnival to Celebrate World Tourism Day

Lalitpur Carnival to Celebrate World Tourism Day

Starting From Tue, Sep 27, 08:00 am
Lalitpur is home to many festivals, with this being one of the most important cultural celebrations. The city of Lalitpur is a unique destination for travellers, with its long history, sacredness, and vibrant culture

Lalitpur Metropolitan City is inviting all tourists and local people from all over the world to celebrate World Tourism Day on Tuesday, 27th September 2022 in Patan Durbar Square. Lalitpur, Nepal. The grand event will open by welcoming tourists to the heart of Lalitpur, Patan Durbar Square.

More than 500+ artists will perform the open traditional music and dance performance to make the imperishable event. You can rediscover and experience the traditional Newari lifestyle. The demonstration of the artistic and style of the Newari living lifestyle in Keshav Narayan Chowk. The illustration will start from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm to experience the culture and heritage of tradition and rituals of the Newari community.

Lalitpur Carnival to Celebrate World Tourism Day

There are many treasures to discover in the locality of Lalitpur and what better way to discover them than from the Heritage Tour of the Inner City of Patan? To remove confusion and know all the information, a Tour brochure will be available at the tourist ticket counter.

There will be plenty of varieties of Newari cuisines and drinks which are renowned to the world. If you have not tasted the Newari delicacy, this is the perfect time to feed your body and soul. We all recommend you to try Newari Khaja Set as it covers all seven types of taste: sweet, bitter, sour, salty, meaty, cool, and hot.

Join us on this World Tourism Day to celebrate Lalitpur's heritage as a historic city. Explore history, culture and tradition in this colourful festival of performing arts. Come and discover Lalitpur through the eyes of a local, as the event will guide you all that's unique about Lalitpur.

Venue At

Patan Museum

Mangal Bazaar , Lalitpur, 44600 Bagmati Province

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