Godavari Music Fest 2081

Godavari Music Fest 2081

Organized By Liquid-Intelligence
Starting From Sun, Apr 28, 03:00 pm
Get ready for a desired musical fest for the year, on a day full of pure joy! You are about to experience the lulling melodies, captivating dishes, and thrilling activities that will satisfy your desires. This occasion is sure to be an unforgettable experience for music lovers and music fans, which will bring the right mix of music, food, and entertainment.

The scene is all set to be flooded with thrilling performances from none other than the renowned band, The Elements, which is well-known for its mesmerizing music and amazing stage personality. Also part of them is the very talented Aayush Shrestha whose quick wit and uproarious anecdotes swept away by a symphony of laughter and melody as the talented band takes center stage, ready to serenade the audience with their captivating tunes.

This musical spectacular, hosted by Whitehouse International College, famed for its dedication to nurturing skills and creativity, and organized by LB Intelligence, with their proven ability to deliver flawless events, promises nothing short of a perfect blend of entertainment and pleasure.

Save the date: Sunday, April 28, 2024, from 3 pm onwards, Godavari Sunrise Convention Center, a well-known convention center. Tucked away in the midst of a stunning scenery, this venue is just the place to be for a fun-filled afternoon of music and laughter.

As soon as you set foot in this place, your eyes will be treated with a plethora of delights across all your senses. Satisfy your palate with a wide range of food from local vendors that include local traditional meals, international cuisines and much more.

For those who are wanting to experience more than just music, there is an assortment of games and activities waiting. You can either be a competitive gamer or just play for fun, no matter how, there are games for everyone.

However, the most impressive aspect of the day is the magic created by the The Elements band and Aayush Shrestha. Whether it is through the soulful ballad or high-energy anthem, the band will give you a musical tour that you will never forget. You will be begging for more.
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Grab your friends and family and come to our musical festival of the year to get the magic. Let the music enrich your spirit and let the rhythm dictate your feet as we unite for a day of absolute music euphoria

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VIP Ticket: Rs. 2,000

Ticket Price: Rs. 1,000

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