Basketball Interaction Program

Basketball Interaction Program

Starting From Fri, May 17, 11:30 am
Step onto the court and get ready to unleash your basketball skills at our exciting Basketball Interaction Program!Do you get mesmerized by the beat of the dribble, the accuracy of the shot, and the thrill of the game?Join us as your passion for basketball and expertise of the National Basketball Captain and Captain of Times Basketball Club meet in a unique and unforgettable experience.

In this special event, the basketball fans who dream of being in the shoes of the pros will get a chance to interact with the best of the best. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics or an experienced player who wants to build on your skills, this program is suitable for all levels of expertise.

During the National Basketball Captain's and the Captain of Times Basketball Club's leadership, the participants will explore the depths of the sport. From the basics of dribbling to the more advanced shooting skills, each aspect of the game will be covered and improved upon.

However, this program is not just about drills and skills; it is an engaging trip where passion and meaning are combined. Engage in meaningful conversations, get useful tricks and tactics, and be a part of the community of basketball fanatics.

Whether you wish to be the best player on the court or just want to bring your game to the next level, the Basketball Interaction Program is your entrance to the world of basketball excellence. Don't let this chance to ignite your passion, hone your skills and embark on a thrilling basketball journey with the finest players in the country pass you by. Let's join hands and aim for excellence as a team!
Dilibazar , Kathmandu,

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