ABiR Presents Artisan Festive Fest 2022 in Patan Museum

ABiR Presents Artisan Festive Fest 2022 in Patan Museum

Organized By ABiR Designers Hub
Starting From 17 September 10:00am onwards
Right now is the best time to be involved in the Nepali cultural and artistic scene! ABiR Artisan Fest will be hosted on 17th September at Patan Museum. Local artisans, designers, artists and producers will come together to showcase their work. The festival aims to nurture business links between practitioners and collectors and provide an opportunity for all interested local creators and producers to promote their products while also fostering brand building, as well as business link building.

The ABiR Artisan Fest aims to be an enriching experience for both local producers and potential clients. The creation of this marketplace creates an opportunity for small business owners to explore new avenues and achieve success through their craftsmanship while also increasing public awareness of Nepali handmade goods and local producers.

ABiR Presents Artisan Festive Fest 2022 in Patan Museum

Re.Kriti, ushas_frabics.threads and many promising vendors will be participating in the event to exhibit various trending fashion in handmade and upcycle fashion.

Be among the first to experience the dazzling creativity, skill, and talent of these Nepali artisans and producers. Experience an opportunity for you and your loved ones to explore the beauty of Nepali craftsmanship.

Venue At

Patan Museum

Mangal Bazaar , Lalitpur, 44600 Bagmati Province

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